Gambling Problems on Online Electronic Gaming Machines, Race Betting, and Sports Betting: Risk Factors

The rise of Internet gambling has sparked fears that it is contributing to gambling addiction. However, the majority of internet gamblers also participate in land-based gambling, which may cause issues for individuals. To identify those with an online gambling problem, studies must first identify the problematic mode of gambling (online or offline). Identifying the most dangerous type of internet gambling.


Characteristics of Online Gamblers

Online gamblers have been compared to offline gamblers in several studies.
Online gamblers are individuals who have gambled at least once in the last year using an Internet means of gambling, while offline gamblers are those who have not gambled at all. As a result, these analyses identify non-Internet gamblers from those who have gambled online. Online-only gamblers, those who gamble primarily online, and those who gamble primarily offline, including one-time-only online gamblers, may all fall under this category. As a result, individuals labeled as online gamblers can have a wide range of proportionate engagement with online gaming activities. Despite this diversity, an online gambler profile has formed that is very consistent.


Characteristics of Problem Online Gamblers and the Risk Factors They Face

Problem online gamblers were compared to non-problem online gamblers in order to establish risk variables for gambling disorders among Internet gamblers. Problem online gamblers are more likely to be male, younger, to gamble on a larger range of activities, to spend more money on gambling, to have more erroneous gambling beliefs, and to have more unfavorable attitudes toward gambling than non-problem online gamblers.

When compared to problem gamblers who gambled offline, those who gambled online had greater educational levels, socioeconomic position, gambling spending, and gambling debts, with no differences in clinical, psychopathological, or personality traits.

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July 2022