Giving online slots a Spin:  Intro for online casinos in the UK Online casino slots are easy to play, colourful, exciting and offer mind-boggling bonuses, promotions and awards. No wonder online slots at Easyslots is proven to be the most popular choice for almost every online gamer. But before we get excited to gamble with online slots, let me give you a better understanding of how it works to improve your luck and odds of winning.

How Online Slots Work

Like in most non-gambling video games online slots work by using a Random Number Generator (RNG). This is an algorithm designed to generate numbers in random order to produce the results of your game. Video game enthusiast refers to this algorithm affectionately as “RN-Jesus”.  Truly random occurrences such as the results of a well-designed RNG tend to “clump” which is why people will have “winning streaks”. Many people have strategies on how long to stay in a winning streak before quitting, but that, of course, is up to you as the player, and RN-Jesus.

 Pro and Cons of playing Slots Online

The first advantage to playing UK slots online is that there are many sites to pick from. Since they all want your business, there are tonnes of sign up bonuses and incentives to get you playing and keep you playing.  Secondly, most online casinos have a higher payout and more favourable rules than their physical counterparts.

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Lastly, there is a lack of the common distractions of a normal casino, such as smoke, chatter and the noise of the games you aren’t currently playing.  An extra bonus of playing at home is you don’t have to tip anyone. You can use that little extra at the slots themselves.  The first disadvantage is that you will have to wait for you payouts instead of having them instantly. Depending on the site, it can vary from one day to a few weeks. Keep this in mind when choosing the site you will play at.

Another con of playing online is that the customer service might not be as good as you would get at a physical facility. Be sure that you find out what channels of communication you have with the company you choose. Some UK slots sites have live chat service which is much better than the competing sites that have only email support. 

Most Popular Online Slots Games in the UK

That said, there are no dispute systems in place at online slot sites. The casino has the final word of the results of a game on their website or app.  Some Popular Online UK Slots Sites and Apps to Try If you are interested in trying some UK slots sites like slots machine and tilt poker, here are a two you can take a look at. Starburst Created by the well-known NetEnt, this is on the top of the list of most UK slots players online. The space-themed, bright gems have definitely caught the eyes of gamers. It is a classic arcade style with 5-reel, 10 pay line high-paced slots.  Age of the Gods This UK slots suite is a collection of slot games with a Greek mythos theme.

Some popular slots within this collection are King of Olympus, Goddess of Wisdom, Furious Four and the Fate Sisters. If you love Greek God-themed games and stories, you find yourself frequenting this site.  Whether you enjoy online videos games, casino games or both, online casinos, when played responsibly, can be fun, and if you are lucky, rewarding hobby. Enjoy your gaming, and good luck!